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kamlesh mehra

accountant at Indo Gulf Garments Trading LLC | Posted 21 Nov, 2018 |

why south korea is closing japan funding?

Thalla Lokesh

@letsuser | Posted 18 Jan, 2019

Never in Korean history were Koreans subjegated to change their names and dialect to the point of social elimination. Without a dialect you lose quite a lot more. That exact connection between ages is broken and Koreans kept progenitor love to a most astounding unblemished. On the off chance that you removed our dialect you removed our capacity to convey to the dead. Contrast it with the Natives versus Americans and take a gander at what amount was lost in a matter of a few many years. From a human progress that occupied that arrive for millenias.

Korea had confronted Chinese militaries with tremendous chances against them yet still held their property and culture. Japan never vanquished us in a genuine fight or war however they did as such with the frail disapproved of rulers who were too gullible to even consider seeing Japan's actual intensions. What at any point was worked in Korea was with the hard labor of the Korean individuals.

Saikat Halder

subject matter expert | Posted 01 Dec, 2018

A few days back it has been reported that South Korea is about to scrap down the Japan-funded 'comfort women' charity. The charity was set up in the year 2018, with the major aim of providing the war sex slaves with a better lifestyle and help them to restore their dignity. The charity has been funded by Japan because of the wartime violence and enslavement of the South Korean women. Japan give roughly 1 billion Yen which will be $6-7 billion when converted. The initial progress was good and but later this year, Korea faced a lot of pressure from the people.
The South Korean Prime Minister had stated that the plan is not being carried out well and that they are not willing to continue the process anymore. This has stirred the Japanese as well who have said that the contract they had signed was final and irreversible when signed in 2015. The exact cause of this decision by South Korea is still unknown but it may happen because of the mismanagement of the Japanese authorities and pressure of the people who do not want the help of Japan.

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