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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted | News-Current-Topics

Why suddenly Israel and India look like BFF after decades of cold diplomacy?

There are plenty of reasons. The first and most evident one is that both PM Narendra Modi and PM Benjamin Netanyahu get along with each other very well. They share a good rapport. So it is quite fitting that they are proactively trying to strengthen the relationship between India and Israel.

Because unlike our last Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who, on many levels, prioritized USA as the country’s most important ally, PM Modi has a different approach. He wants to have a good and meaningful relationship with every country to benefit India’s infrastructure development. So he’s treating Israel just as high as USA, Japan, and Britain.

On the other side, Israel too has a lot to gain from India. Understand, on the global forum, Israel doesn’t enjoy as much goodwill, thanks to its ill-policies against Palestine. It has been criticized by almost every major nation for that. Meaning, besides Trump-lead USA, Israel doesn’t have too many friends globally. So having a major and rising economy like India by its side definitely helps its case.

Besides these, both countries have something to offer to other—be it economically or socially. So in coming days, we’re going to see this noble effort only rise, with Israel and India cozying with each other even more. (At least for as long Narendra Modi government is in power!)


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