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Abdul Malik

News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why the Syrian army continues to bomb Eastern Ghouta despite the UN-s ceasefire call?


Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

All of the big players in Syria benefit from the chaos. No one but the Syrian people have any interest in peace; and it is obvious no one cares about them.

Syria performs the important role of geographic roadblock to piped natural gas and oil between the European market and the entire Arabian Peninsula.

If cheap piped gas and oil from the Arabian Peninsula began to flow to the European Market very significant investment in LNG shipping and terminals for that market would be lost as supply and demand would drive prices well below break-even for that supply chain. In that same light, the supply and price control investment Russia and Iran are making would be jeopardized. AND the status quo maintains a demand on the most profitable of world export products – weapons.

The dark ideology that we are kept focused on is not the cause of this conflict. The conflict and ideology that drives it are a result of the chaos that ensues destabilization; destabilization that was initially funded by Arabian energy interests and enabled by the international arms trade. Until we address that reality; our march to the abyss will continue to accelerate.

Geopolitics has devolved to Mafioso Theater; where the most powerful mobs defend their turf and the best the rest of us poor sobs can hope for is the actors don’t miscue and then come on like testosterone fueled teenagers.

World powers behave like they are participating in a showboat competition of egos while lining their pockets with the blood and suffering of innocent people.


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