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Swetha Akula

@researcher | Posted 14 May, 2019 |

Why to store dental stem cells?

Supriya sweety

@digitalmarketer | Posted 08 Aug, 2019

A very Good question

Why do people store stem cells?

Yes there is a strong reason to store stem cells, a very popular and well known method is umbilical cord stem cell banking. At the time of baby birth this umbilical cord blood is taken by the stem cell banks and preserves in their laboratory.

This dental stem cell banking is also another kind of stem cell storage. Baby milk tooth and wisdom tooth are the rich source of stem cells, so these tooth stem cells has the capacity to treat diseases. So many people in foreign countries are interested to bank their child tooth in dental stem cell banking companies. And now in India also this facility is available, Mothercell Biosciences is the World's Biggest dental stem cell bank in Hyderabad


Posted 15 May, 2019

Way of life and degenerative issue are on the ascent world over. Customary treatment strategies can just assistance you oversee and not fix them.

Dental Stem Cells start from the neurogenic tissue and can be reaped effortlessly from a solid tooth that has dropped out or has been separated. In this way, they offer numerous odds of accumulation and the methodology can be performed by your customary dental specialist.