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Lina Carner

Founder Digitalu | Posted on | Science-Technology

Why Users Uninstall Your Mobile App?


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Getting more and more registrations is very difficult in this era when almost every site, every business, every game and what not is turning itself into an app. Thus, it becomes all the more difficult to convince people to download your app and without the downloads, your app making becomes a sheer waste. All these things affect the no. of users on your app.

Below are the reasons why people are uninstalling your app. Let’s go through them one by one:
1. Forceful Download – The marketing people of your team are maybe forcing people to download your app and users feel it as a waste of their phone storage. And, they end-up uninstalling it.
2. Long Registrations – After installation, your app requires a long registration process which makes people get irritated and hence, losing their interest in the app. Making them uninstall it.
3. No Easy Communication – The information provided on the app is not at all easy to understand. Maybe you can add different languages to it so that you attract more audience to it.
4. Privacy Control – Maybe your app is using too much personal information of your users and they find it uncomfortable and in order to avoid it, they uninstall it.
5. Advertisements – There are a lot of advertisements popping up in your app which users find disturbing when they are using the app. Make sure to limit them.