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Rakesh Singh

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Why was a man in Pakistan given four death sentences?

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Zainab Ansari, a seven year old girl was abducted, sexually assaulted and killed in Kasur, Pakistan last month. She was on her way to a religious studies class, when she was led away by a man, as later found via a CCTV footage. The crime led to violent protests due to police inaction in many regions of Pakistan including Lahore and Karachi. The assaulter, Imran Ali, 24, has been linked to the girl’s murder by the police.

He has been given four death sentences for kidnapping, rape, murder and an act of terrorism, according to reports, as well as a life sentence for sodomy. The case, the latest in a string of sexual assaults and murders of girls in the region, sparked international outcry against gender-based violence and brought special attention to such crimes in Pakistan.


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