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Why was a tesla car launched into space?

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The red Tesla roadster car was launched into space by SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket with an Astronaut dummy sitting casually and features "Don't Panic" message on its dashboard made pretty amusing pictures that broke the internet last week. The main objective of this launch to test the Falcon heavy rocket and to show the world that Falcon HR could launch heavy payloads into space. Actually, payloads on test flights are generally cheap and to inject a heavy object into space with the risk of losing a billion dollar project if the test went wrong that's very common, Elon Musk decided to do something out of the box and launched his heavy 2010 Tesla into space to test the launcher potential. The launch was really quirky and caught a lot of people's attention and good publicity for SpaceX and Tesla.


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The objective of the entire dispatch was to test the Falcon Heavy rocket and show to potential clients that SpaceX could effectively dispatch substantial payloads into space. Musk admited there was a more noteworthy than half possibility that FH would detonate sooner or later, so there was no reason for putting a genuine payload on the rocket. Rather than utilizing a some kind of counterbalance like a major iron slug, Musk chose to utilize his Roadster. It was absolutely more fun, the pictures caught people groups' creative energy and it produced gigantic measure of free press for both SpaceX and Tesla.


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Elon Musk claims the main duplicate of each vehicle Tesla has ever constructed. It's a thing for him. The vehicles are vital to him.

So setting the main Roadster at any point based over 440 tons of destined to be lighted rocket fuel communicated something specific. He was certain that the dispatch would go off, and he had some skin in the diversion.

On the off chance that the Roadster exploded it wouldn't be any more gone than it is currently. Be that as it may, it would have been lost in the event that it exploded, and now it isn't.


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