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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Why was Google Glass a big failure?


Entrepreneur | Posted on


There’s a plain and simple reason—Google Glass didn’t really fill any legitimate purpose. It always came off like we’re trying to bring into reality what we see in Sci-Fi, crime thriller movies—pushing this advanced glass to the consumers for no absolute reason.

Half of the people never even knew how and why to use Google Glass other than the fact that it looks cool and futuristic. There was no clear function. Yes, it could click pics—but why not use Smartphone? It can help you check messages—but why not use Google Assistant (then Google Now) to read it?

Other reason is its non-appealing appearance. It frankly looked (looks) awful. Wear it on the street and bet on getting weird, funny and un-approving looks from the passerby. Google did try to keep it aesthetically good. But there’s absolutely no way to do that! It had zero fashion value. So many people simply rejected it for that.

Also let’s not forget the safety concerns that came with Google Glass. Some people were even fined for using this glass while driving. That is extremely dangerous for everyone around. I believe this is something even Google overlooked.

After a non-so-great reaction from the audience and poor reviews from the experts, Google eventually simmered down its effort on this glass. Their efforts evidently looked lagging. And the result? Google Glass never came out of the Beta phase. Not that Google has given up on this project—but they sure have pushed it below on their priority list.