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Satindra Chauhan

| Posted on | Education

Why we need to start talking about non-violent abuse?


October is Force Awareness Month. The additional we have a tendency to quote domestic violence, the more likely it becomes that we build awareness, establish abusive behaviors, and take action to stop hurting folks in our communities who could also be family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers.

Thus, let’s talk about it.

What's domestic violence?

Let’s begin by talking about what domestic violence is and is not. We will outline domestic violence as a pattern of behaviors utilized by one person in an exceedingly relationship to exert power and management over the opposite person in this relationship.

Force isn't a “relationship problem” or a “rough patch” in an exceedingly relationship. It's ongoing. It's a pattern of behavior that tends to start with one thing on the face of it minor, that then escalates over time and becomes more and more dangerous in nature.


Kinds of abuses

Force exists in numerous forms, however the common thread among them is that the aim is to take care of power and control. Abuse could take the shape of physical, sexual, emotional, financial, spiritual, or stalking.

Technological abuse is becoming increasingly common as well. Technological abuse may include the abusive person posting photos on-line of the victim or causing threats via text message or email.


Abuse will have a range of effects on the victim, youngsters within the home, and on the community. Semipermanent effects of abuse on the victim take issue from one person to a different and will embody flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety, hassle sleeping, broken bones, head trauma, low self-esteem, consumption disorders, depression, suicide ideation, and chronic pain.

Youngsters who are exposed to force conjointly respond in numerous ways in which and may show symptoms that vary by age. Infants could also be simply irritated, tough to soothe, and exhibit continuous fussiness or crying. Toddlers could use profanity, have frequent nightmares, show meanness toward difference, or appear to not know how to play. Some youngsters may bully other children, earn low grades, be unable to finish school assignments or other tasks, show an inability to follow directions, or maybe show regressive behaviors similar to thumb intake or bed-wetting.

Safety designing and seeking facilitate

Whether or not an individual decides to go away or stick with an abusive person, precautions may be taken to reduce risk and maximize safety. Packing an emergency bag with vital things will facilitate if somebody must escape from an abusive state of affairs quickly. The bag should be unbroken with a trusty person, similar to an in depth friend or relative, and will embody copies of important documents such as protection orders, checking account information, cash, additional keys, medication, and copies of birth certificates. If you’re not in an abusive situation however suspect someone you recognize is, you'll provide an emergency bag prepared for once the temporal arrangement is safe and while not the abusive person present.