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Why we think so much for vacation in other country ?


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The grass is greener on the other side.

That's the same mentality why most of us think about taking vacations in other countries. Because we believe all the best possible leisure, destinations and fun exist only outside our country.

(This is the same mentality why westerners opt to visit Asian countries; because they believe they can experience the best "experiences" outside their own country.)

India is blessed with some of the most beautiful places; a lot of them are underrated or remain unknown. Right from Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari and Spiti Valley to Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh and Gokarna in Karnataka -- these are some of the destinations in our country that can rival even international tourists' hotspots. Sadly, in the hype of select places like Goa, Manali, and Kochi, most of us do not even know about such offbeat places.

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, the people here do not estimate it like that. Those who are economically weak, they treat it like a poor and "hopeless" nation. Those who are rich and well-to-do, their eyes gleam with Switzerland, Scotland, and the USA. These are the same posh people who stereotype places like Goa and Himachal as "mainstream".

Besides, media play just as big a role as anything else. Only recently have more people come to know about beautiful but low-key destinations in India, including McLeod Gunj, Hemis, Varkala, and Valley of Flowers. All, courtesy of the Internet and contents produced by travel agencies and travel writers.

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Turn on the news and all you'll see are crimes, poverty, and social barriers. Hundreds of people get murdered every day. Thousands are scammed. Or so the news says. This has created a very bad perception of India. While the news might not necessarily be wrong, their obsession with the negative things has sure done/is doing a lot of damage.

Another reason why most of us think about taking vacations in other countries has to do more with social status. Saying "I visited Scotland" is sexier than saying "I visited Shillong". Israel is better than Kasol, Switzerland is better than Kashmir, and the Niagara Falls is better than Chitrakoot Falls. 

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It's more like owning Apple products. Yes, I can get more features and better pricing with Samsung and OnePlus but "I would still go with iPhone because it is better branded".

Of course, aside from these factors, there certainly could be more why Indian (assumingly) prefer taking vacations in other countries than their own country. 


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