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Why were the Chola temples not destroyed?


Army constable | Posted

It isn't so much that Chola sanctuaries however practically all the sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu stayed preserved !!!!

Tamil Nadu was for an extremely lesser time in the Islamic standard and essentially just Madurai Sultanate have made a decent attempt to annihilate the sanctuaries and pulverized perhaps the most holy sanctuary among Hindus for example Meenakshi Amman sanctuary. Anyway the sanctuaries were solid and took quite a while and high measure of labor to be obliterated and the hour of Madurai Sultanate was extremely less in contrast with Sultanates in Northern India and Central India. At that point because of the ascent of Vijaynagar Empire in the administration of Harihara Raya and Bukka Raya, the Madurai Sultanate was tumble down and henceforth Sanathana Dhrama was reestablished again in Tamilakam and different districts of South India.

Mughals likewise made a decent attempt to cross the Deccan and vanquish Tamilnadu locale however flopped in that due the amazing obstruction applied by the Nayaka Kings, nonstop difficulties from Maratha and Rajputs in North, Central, Eastern and Western India. This kept the mughals occupied and prompted the security of the Ancient Temples in Tamil Nadu. At that point the ascent of Maratha domain in Thanjavur likewise was an explanation behind the insurance of sanctuaries there.

The Nawabs of Arcot were not that much incredible that they could get their Dictatorship Tamil Nadu and control the individuals, rather were battling for their own reality.

So fundamentally Chola sanctuaries as well as the vast majority of the antiquated sanctuaries stayed monitored in Tamil Nadu. Indeed, even those which were annihilated during Madurai Sultanate period were again made during Vijaynagar Empire and were not permitted to be devastated by anybody.

Here are the pics of some old and celebrated sanctuaries :-

1. Meenakshi Amman sanctuary


2. Kamakshi Amman sanctuary

3. Brihadeshwara sanctuary :-

4. Shore Temple

5. Chidambaram Natraja Shiva sanctuary


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