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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why you never see a Sardarji beg for money?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

Now this is one thing we must absolutely love about the conduct of Sardars. No matter what their condition is, no matter how much they are suffering under poverty, I haven’t ever seen a single sardarji begging for money.

It might be because of their ego, their self respect, which is actually a very good thing. They are also very righteous, and true to their religion. They actually believe in hard work, as much as possible, and through hard work is the only way they must earn their bread. Begging cannot even be considered.

Another of the reasons, however, is that the system of Langar really helps out a load of people like that. This is mostly held in Gurdwaras, and it is basically a system of providing food for all those people who can’t afford it.

It helps a lot of poor people to eat to their fullest, so this is how they won’t have to beg for money. Instead they’d work harder and harder and earn whatever living they have to earn for their houses and their families. This regular practice of providing Langar is done by the Sikhs, and they are widely appreciated for doing this. It just shows how compassionate they are towards their community.

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@letsuser | Posted on

You never observe a sardarji ask for cash. ... On the off chance that any Sikh is asking a result of impulse and he goes over any individual of Sikh people group, at that point as opposed to giving him cash, he will yell him to dishonor their religion. What's more, at long last he will give him a little activity with the goal that he can get by.