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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Why you should avoid refined flour?


Avid Reader | Posted on

Yes Nikita, other than the reasons mentioned by you, Flour also makes you constipated. 


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

I used to use refined flour a lot a couple of years back. However, after I got to know how unhealthy it is, I stopped it from using. Americans too use white flour to a great extent, and that is one of the reasons why most of them are suffering from obesity. Some of the major risks associated with it are mentioned as follows.

• Packed with carbohydrates: Excess carbs is not good for health. And you should avoid refined flour because it contains refined carbs which increases the glucose levels, and then can result in weight gain, diabetes, metabolic problems, and lots more.

• Gastric problems: As flour has gluten it leads to various kinds of digestive issues. A lot of Americans are suffering from acidity, and other chronic gastric issues due to much intake of flour in their diet.

• Nutrient deficit: There are no minerals and vitamins in the refined flour and so they are added artificially. If you eat flour regularly, you are actually eating artificial nutrients. In addition, it also does not offer healthy fiber that is required by our body.

Instead of consuming refined flour, you can choose alternatives such as arrowroot flour, almond flour, semolina, and so on. I use that now, they are healthy.