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Naveen Kumar

Blogger | Posted 17 Nov, 2018 |

Why You Should Drink Amla Water Daily ?

Meetali Asiwal

English content writer | Posted 22 Nov, 2018

Amla water or the juice of Amla is quite advantageous for health. Having an Amla a day prevents us from many diseases. Let’s see how Amla water should be consumed daily for good health.


1. Good for skin  

The good effect of consuming Amla water can be seen on the skin. Amla is rich in anti-oxidants, and hence it does not let the skin of your face get wrinkled. Having Amla water with honey brings a glow to the face. 

2. Good for digestion  

Amla water makes even your digestive system strong. It also cures constipation. Many problems related to stomach are cured with the help of Amla.  

3. Cures cold and cough  

Vitamins present in Amla makes our immune system strong and cures a cold and cough.  

4. Reduces cholesterol  

Those who suffer from high cholesterol, find Amla water very beneficial as it keeps cholesterol in control.