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Why you should keep an eye on your children’s school van?


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

Every parents think that make their children get ready in the morning, feed them breakfast and literally push their children in to the school van is their only duty with regard to parenting.
All the parents are doing this for years and years. As a modern day parent we have more responsibility in bringing up our children.

Day by day parenting has become He-Man's job. I am not talking about the ever changing curriculum and increasing book volumes. But the other important issue is safety of our child. Whether they are in school or in school van we should keep an open eye on their safety.

No one will forget last year incident in Delhi, where the driver of the school van murdered a school boy. So many untold unpleasant episodes are happening daily in the whole world. So have watchful eyes on everybody associated with your children.

As a parent before booking the school van for our children we should check the safety measures of the bus first. Whether it is having all the safety things  according to Government or CBSE standard. And you should check the number of occupants in the van. Over crowded van or bus is very difficult to handle while driving.

Next we should check the drivers and others who are taking care of our children while travelling. You can ask the principal of the school to  provide any document about the  conduct of van drivers of school vans. It is the duty of the school to appoint a good van driver, as the safety of the future citizens of our country is in their hands.

You should have an eye on other senior or class mates who are travelling with your child in the school van. If the child is complaining about co passenger or seniors about bullying, you should not ignore the child. Take immediate action and notify this happening to principal of the school.

Rear your child as a brave human being and advice them to never ever succumb to unlawful activities of others. Whether your child is a boy or a girl,  teach them the difference between bad touch and good touch.



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