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Kanchan Sharma

Content Writer | Posted on | others

Will candle march across the country curb the rape cases ?


Thinker | Posted on

When the actions, the reports, the laws have failed to stop this heinous crime, what can a few candle marches do? You hear one such case, you collect a big number of people and leave for a candle march, hoping that the collective dissent would enough to put the criminals to shame, and to make the system realize their duties. But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Such cases are still on a rise in the country. There is not just one Nirbhaya or Asifa, there are many. Few days ago we heard of a man raping her own daughter’s friend, and today we hear of another rape case from Haryana. A government school girl of third standard was the victim this time. And the highlight is she was raped by her school teachers.
And the ministers will still deny about India being one of the most unsafe countries for women. It’s heartbreaking and shameful.

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Manager at Amazon | Posted on

We need actions not candle marches! If you think that candle marches and the so-called promises of politicians will decrease the rape cases, then my dear you have been living in a nutshell. We all had witnessed in the past what happened in the Nirbhaya rape case and now, Asifa.

Our behavior towards women hasn’t changed, and it will not change any time soon even if the rapists are not sentenced to stringent punishment through a fast track legal process.

Political assertions, candle marches and public outrage do not change the criminal behavior of rapists, if they did, the Delhi outrage in the Nirbhaya case would have created some fear in the minds of rapists.

Candle marches are not going to reduce the rape cases and violence against women because behavior of humans don't change overnight and quick-fixes never work!