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Sameer Kumar

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Will Cristiano Ronaldo really leave Real Madrid?


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Six months back, there were loads of rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid and would jump ship to Chelsea. However, following few weeks that rumors end up busted. Now, we’re hearing news about him leaving his current club for Juventus. The source of the news is a less-known Spanish television show “Jugones”. What sources are they citing still remains unknown!

As of now, it’s very unlikely that Real Madrid would let its biggest star leave the team. Ronaldo has taken the club to new heights, helping it win 4 Champions League title and many more tournaments. It would be kind of naïve on their management’s part to let go of the reigning Ballon d’Or winner. However, on the flip side, their team is already decorated by some very incredible players, including the highly undermined Christian Bale. Perhaps, they wouldn’t mind taking this big step and trying something new. Besides, it’s well established that Ronaldo’s run in Real Madrid has run its natural course and we’d occasionally hear rumors how he is frustrated for being paid less than his arch-rival Lionel Messi.
Currently, the top contender to bag Ronaldo is Juventus. One reason why because his agent, Jorge Mendes, is believed to be closer to the owners of Juventus. So, it’s highly assumed that Mendes might be able to close a record deal that eventually takes over Neymar’s move to PSG, making Ronaldo the most expensive player in the world.
Manchester United, too, is in the line. And it’s also quite fitting that Ronaldo returns back to his home club where he spent his 6 early years, making himself a name in the upper league. Everyone would be more than happy to see Cristiano Ronaldo going back to MANU.
I personally want him to go to Paris St. Germain, the home of Neymar. Reports suggest that even PSG is ready to pay very big to have Ronaldo in the club. Imagine these two players playing side-by-side for the same team. That would be EPIC! And oh, how nerve-wracking and divisive would it be to see Barcelona vs PSG. Of course, all these are likely hypes and far-fetched ideas. There doesn’t seem to be any legit reason why Real Madrid would want Ronaldo to leave the club. And neither do Cristiano Ronaldo have any reason to leave Real Madrid. So, whatever rumors we’re hearing, they all might just be fake.
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