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Jessy Chandra

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Will Greece leave European Union?


@letsuser | Posted on

A big debt crisis is (again) looming high on Greece. The country is paddling with many economic problems, including lower GDP and poor liquidity.

Germany’s Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Soeder said that “Greece is unlikely to survive in the Eurozone over the long term.”

Will Greece leave EU is uncertain. Different commentators on different platforms share different views and opinions. Some say that the country is desperately trying to stick with the EU; others believe that Greece is considering leaving the euro in favor of the US dollar.

Much like anything, even this proposal – should Greece exit the European Union – have pros and cons. Some argue that leaving the euro and introducing its own currency can strengthen its export and tourism, and discourage expensive imports. This would eventually help it get out of the debt problems easily.

On the other hand, people against Grexit say that it would bring hardship on the people of Greece, as their consumption and wealth would decline.

So as of now, we can only make speculation and wait for how things turn out to really know if Greece will leave EU or not.