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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Sports

Will India ever win FIFA world cup?


Media specialist | Posted on


Let’s not kid. Not to hate or bash but India can’t even qualify for the FIFA world cup, let alone win it.

(Seriously, how high are you? ;))

But here’s a thing…

I don’t think this situation is due to any dearth in talents. I personally believe that it has a lot to do with

how we prioritize and treat this sport. The government and various organizations have always ignored

Football; focusing just on Cricket. There lacks infrastructure, good assistance that not only encourages

and grooms good players but also pave them the right way to head to the top.

Admittedly, ISL has turned many heads towards football. But it still isn’t enough.

If everything starts turning south from today, and everyone is investing more towards Indian football,

Indian team can qualify to the 2016 FIFA world cup. If things remain the same, the dream for India to

win this prestigious tournament would remain a dream through our life.