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Kanchan Sharma

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Will Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt get back together?

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It has only been about a day since it was revealed that Jennifer Aniston and herex husband Justin Theroux have been separated since late last year. Jennifer and Justin who were wed in 2015 claimed that they had intended on keeping their decision private but given that the rumor mill had started working up on the gossip, they wanted to give the truth directly.

They also claimed that their break up was a mutually made healthy decision. The news left many fans wondering if there was any chance that Jennifer Aniston and her ex Brad Pitt, who were considered a famous pair once upon a time, were getting back together. Brad Pitt had earlier broken up with Aniston to wed Angelina Jolie only to divorce her a few years later.

And now that both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are single at the same time, people can’t help but hope that everyone’s golden couple would get back together. However, there are no official reports as such of that happening. Both individuals are reportedly living their own lives and are not currently in any sort of romantic relationship.


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