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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted | News-Current-Topics

Will Modi’s coming back to power bring a new wave of development in India?


Marketing Manager | Posted

In 2014, PM Narendra Modi fed public with quite a lot of promises, which were left unaccomplished and unfulfilled by the end of his tenure. The promises, his enthusiasm, and the fact that he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, earned him votes quite easily back then.

After coming to power, and having the public’s trust in his pockets, Modi impulsively too the unplanned steps and decisions like GST and Demonetization. They failed, but Modi was confident enough to cover up for his and his government’s mistakes. In the five years of his tenure, he was not even able to recall his five works of development.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle)

But we all know how strong his marketing strategy is. He might as well get the power in center again in 2019. If this happens, he would be bound to do whatever he promised in 2014.

Modi also knows some of his promises were extremely difficult to fulfil and hence infeasible. His victory this time will put on his shoulders (more like on his 56 inches chest) the burden of public’s trust. He will then have to take appropriate actions to stabilize the country’s trust in his government.

But the question is would he be able to do so? The way he works and functions, I don’t think his coming again in power will bring any positive change in the country.


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