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parvin singh

Army constable | Posted | others

Will Ram Mandir stay safe after the BJP rule?

Army constable | Posted

Why not?
Above all else let me let you know BJP isn't going from power(at least from community) for the following 25–30 years.
Presently I comprehend your concern as a slam bhakt, yet before that we ought to go a piece into history…
On the off chance that you don't know let me disclose to you that somnath sanctuary dedicated to master shiva was recreated by request of this man..need no presentation iron man of india SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL, in 1951 the development of the sanctuary was finished.
Before freedom the sanctuary used to resemble this:-
Presently after SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL kicked the bucket in December 1950, Congress stayed in power till 1998, after which BJP came to control, till 2004 after which UPA came to control till 2014.
So congress generally had 58 years to wreck the sanctuary yet did they set out to try and contact a block of the sanctuary.
Presently as per some details Somnath sanctuary of gujarat has around 4.5 million+ guests yearly.
Do you truly think Congress or some other liberal gathering have guts to decimate these sanctuaries which are a strict confidence of billions of individuals in india as well as over the world.
To secure these strict monuments,our underlying foundations of sanatana dharma and our way of life is the obligation of us 1 billion individuals.
so no compelling reason to stress there are numerous other antiquated landmarks which stand unbending to their place significantly after endless assaults from trespassers including Britishers. Governments will go back and forth however the foundations of our religion and culture will live on always till the finish of the time.
Jai shree slam



Business Manager | Posted

First of all let me tell you BJP is not going from power(at least from centre) for the next 25–30 years.

Now i understand your worry as a ram bhakt, but before that we should go a bit into history


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