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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | Science-Technology

Will Samsung launch its hyped foldable Smartphone in 2018?


Marketing Manager | Posted on


It’s very unlikely. I think, given how big this phone would be in taking the Smartphone market towards the future trends, Samsung would want to make it as grand as possible. But as it stands right now, there’s no sign that we would see a foldable Smartphone this year. Because Samsung usually launches its big phones at MVC, which is happening in February! And everyone is looking forward to Galaxy S9, and S9+. I highly doubt Samsung will also launch the ever-hyped foldable phone with the mentioned flagship phones and overshadow them.

Besides, there are news telling that S9 would be the last in the Galaxy series. This is quite fitting because next year, in 2019, Samsung will embark in its 10 years of launching this series. So it’s likely that they will try and celebrate a decade long journey by starting a whole new journey. Next year, it would be a momentous occasion for the company, which is the perfect time to launch its ambitious foldable phones that has been in the limelight since 2013.

So in short, no, in 2018, we won’t see the idea of foldable phone coming true. It is very possible that Samsung can make that happen in the early leg of 2019.