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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

With government backing net neutrality, as a user, how is it going to help me?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Net Neutrality has been one of the hot topics of discussion ever since 2015, when Facebook launched its Free Basics program, also known as Internet.org. It got widespread criticism from neutrality critics and while many of us were still supporting the Free Basics initiative through Facebook polls, we did not have a clue what it meant.

It is a policy that mandates equal treatment of data by Internet Service Providers in India and it gives entrepreneurs and new companies a level playing field when they enter the internet. Without it, multinational companies could go in to establish monopolies, much like Facebook tried to do, along with two different ISPs.

Many people think that net neutrality affects the speed of communication when using the internet and that is a complete hoax. It has nothing to do with speed and recently the Indian government has finally passed a legislation that bans the discrimination of data in any form, barring some rare cases.

The BBC has acknowledged this move and said it is one of the most progressive steps by any country on this ground. But how does it affect you?

Well, it ensures that if you were to ever try and earn from an internet business, be it a website or some other form of content, your effort would get the same space that the biggest website gets. And while you may feel bad that you cannot get a Rs. 5 recharge and access your Facebook account for 2 days straight, it does ensure that the market stays equal to all and gives chance for new growth to young minds.

And as for all inclusive internet packages, that’s a price you should be willing to pay for a brave move like this – to keep things on the internet on a same plain for the biggest and the smallest.