With his flop album ‘Revival’, do you think Eminem’s career is over and he should just quit? - letsdiskuss
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With his flop album ‘Revival’, do you think Eminem’s career is over and he should just quit?


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Okay, let’s talk about numbers first. The latest album of Eminem ‘Revival’ debuted on Billboard at #1 spot in its first week. This made Eminem the first artist ever to have a total of 8 albums debuting at the top of the billboard.

The album sold 602,000 copies worldwide right in its first week, which is much more than many artists sell in a year. In terms of pure sales, in 2017, revival sold more than the albums of Elton John, Elvis Presley and Sam Smith.

Indeed, this wasn’t Eminem’s finest work—but even in his bad days Eminem managed to outsell countless artists. Besides, the album has some great songs, right from Offended and Chloraseptic to Like Home and Ed Sheeran-featured River. So, no way Revival was a flop. The hardcore fans loved it!

Now, coming to why the album did badly as compared to everyone’s expectations. It’s plain and simple—at BET awards Eminem dissed President Donald Trump in an accapella. He went as far as telling his fans who support Donald Trump to “fu%k off”. This evidently upset many of his white supremacist fans, and many of them eventually gave up on the artist and didn’t buy his album. Eminem, in fact, acknowledged this fact is his later released Chloraseptic remix. Plus, Revival was leaked a day before its official release. This massively impacted the album’s pure sales.

To put it in succinct words, Revival was a great album. It did well in sales. Eminem’s career is far from over. He should not quit. The latest critiquing of his work has now fueled him even more. So we can expect great work from him in the coming months.