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Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Would you like to share your easy cooking tips?


student | Posted on

Yes,ofcourse I like to share my encounters

So,here we go

1). Continuously heat the utensils,before including oil in it.

2).Cook the nourishment in moderate flame.yes,some dishes are there which required law fire or high But, Mostly we cook in mod.flame.

3)while cooking dals include a tsp of oil or ghee.

4)Add a pich of salt while bubbling potato as it helps in stripping off the skin of potato without any problem.

5)Add 1tsp of Eno while setting up the player of idli.

6)Add a spot of corn flour or preparing soft drink to make bhajiya,aalu chope,paneer chilli,baby corn bean stew, etc to fresh it.

I appreciate cooking, And hearing the words "Hearing the words 'this is stunning'' is an extremely immense inspiration for me to continue investing energy in the kitchen..My spouse consistently acclaim me for my Sumptuous cooking… Although I am in learning stage now..


Travelling Blogger | Posted on

- Keep your storeroom very much loaded

- Discover your inspiration for cooking

- Set up the ideal work space by social event clean instruments, bowls and utensils. Also, make a point to keep a trashcan inside arm's compass.

- To make an egg wash, whisk together an enormous egg with one tablespoon of water until smooth. Use as a paste to seal baked goods, at that point brush on top for a shiny appearance.

- ***** tomatoes easily! Cut a X in the top, and after that stew in a pot of boiling water for 15 to 30 seconds. Chill off and the skin will fall appropriate off.

- Get settled! Wear comfortable garments and a cover when you work in the kitchen and you won't need to stress over getting grimy.

- Put resources into a heating scale. Scales are not just an exact method to gauge your cooking fixings, however they streamline the whole procedure.

- Continuously read and re-read your plans before you begin cooking.

Spotless as you go!