As we face the lack of choice for General Elections 2019, do you think we are failing as world-s biggest democrary? - letsdiskuss
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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

As we face the lack of choice for General Elections 2019, do you think we are failing as world-s biggest democrary?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Your question hits all the right notes. At least on the surface.

One of the biggest disheartening things about a government failing is pondering "what next".

Congress failed and looted the country. The voters chose BJP in 2014. And as it turned out, the Modi government is just as bad as Congress's, if not worse, hurting the social fabric of the nation and doing NOTHING to change the fundamental problems of the citizens through structural measures. And now as we head towards General Election 2019, Congress is again pitching its name, and people are actually thinking about voting for this party.

You’re absolutely correct in saying that we face (serious) lack of choice in national elections. This year, it's even worse if you look at it. Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi -- these three faces are dominating every headline, becoming the face of General Election 2019. Beyond them, there's no one. In fact, so gripped we are in personality politics, these three leaders have, in many ways, made their own parties irrelevant.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle)

Indian politics is them. And they are Indian politics.

It is out of this frustration, did millions of people came together to support Aam Aadmi Party. It is in its craving for newer and fresh faces did many people embraced the rise of Kanhaiya Kumar.

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If BJP somehow manages to stay in the government (which they will), they will definitely be ousted in 2024. And guess who will be back in power? Congress, of course.

India desperately demands an alternative in politics. And it's very evident when you talk to the majority. Their hopelessness and reluctance to support one party wholeheartedly shows how sick the voters are of the same parties, same leaders, same promises and same cheatings.

general-elections-2019-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Financial Express)

So, yes, we lack a choice in politics. General Election 2019 is more constricted in issues than ever, revolving around how well the three-four leaders speak at the rallies.

And it's sad!

Now, coming to the next part of your question-- are we failing as the world's biggest democracy?

NO. And NO.

There are no political alternatives in India at the moment. But is there anything that's stopping us from having one?


India's constitution is the most robust, assuring equal rights and opportunities to anyone and everyone.

A person can rise today, create her/his own political party and stand in an election. You can create your own political party. You can become an MLA or minister. You can position yourself as a PM candidate.

general-elections-2019-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Wire)

(Sure, the path isn't easy. But my point is that YOU CAN. The constitution and the judicial system give you that opportunity. This alone proves that India, as a democracy, even with all the political and social challenges, remains strong.)

As voters, we have failed though. We have failed to ground the politicians. We have failed to keep General Election 2019 centric to core issues of unemployment and farmers. We fell for political parties' hypocritical 'headline strategy' and propaganda. We have failed to demand from these parties more than just a few faces and their allegations.

The country doesn’t exactly care about Rafael and Vadra. It cares about jobs, farmers' plight, healthcare, education.

We have failed as voters. Our democracy, though, remains just as strong as Ambedkar visioned.


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