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What are some unknown facts about Priyanka Gandhi?


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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has officially (and finally) enter into active politics. Although two years younger to her brother Rahul Gandhi, the president of Indian National Congress, Priyanka has always been held higher in the mainstream – among supporters and in media – perhaps because of here sharp resemblance to her Grandmother Indira Gandhi.

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The move can be a complete game-changer for the Congress party, and the opposition at-large, not just in UP but across the country, in General Election 2019. This comes at a time when BJP – following defeat in three key states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh – is desperate to glue back the dispersing voter base through petty tactics like 10% quota for EWS and, possibly more jumlas & schemes in the upcoming union budget.

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Here are 8 less-known facts about Priyanka Gandhi Vadra:

1) She graduated in Psychology from the University of Delhi.

2) After graduation, she opted for MA in Buddhist Studies, post-graduating in her masters in 2010.

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3) She was home-schooled, along with her brother Rahul, following the assassination of Grandmother Indira Gandhi.

4) Priyanka is a practitioner of Buddhism. In 1999, she spent 10 days in Vipassana meditation to, in her own words, “know what my own mind is rather than what other people want of me.”

5) She is married to Robert Vadra. Happened in 1997, it was a love marriage, with both in love with each other since their childhood.

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6) She likes reading, photography, and cooking. She, in fact, cooks herself for her 2 children.

7) Aside from campaigning for her mother in 2004, she even used to write speeches for her mother Sonia Gandhi.

8) She gave her first public speech when she was just 16.

These are 8 less-known facts about Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. With her entry in active politics, the Indian political space is sure to see a big change in the coming days.


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