Being a civilian where should I ask for help in case a police officer knock my door and slaps me at the expense of his power.???? - Letsdiskuss
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Posted 15 Nov, 2018 |

Being a civilian where should I ask for help in case a police officer knock my door and slaps me at the expense of his power.????

aham pathak

Blogger | Posted 22 May, 2020

Police office is most degenerate office in India. Cops/ladies doesn't have any mankind or sentiments towards anybody. They are playing KBC with people,looting and harshing basic man to acquire to an ever increasing extent.

To all degree of police office defilement is busy's summit. Let me describe you an occurrence: one day few cops went to my production line in reach of a killer and arrested not many of my young men with no warrant. They took them to show that they are functioning as the SHO is getting pressure from higher specialists. When I arrived at police headquarters, 3 of my young men were tormented seriously. I attempted to conversed with the station incharge, who began yelling at me that I offered safe houses to crooks and threated to force charges on me. I returned with a legal counselor and attempted to comprehend the issue, the SHO disclosed to me that he will save them into authority for not many days and leave them. Luckily the killed got captured on same night and admitted for his wrongdoings.

Following day I returned to station with my laborers family in plan to get them liberated however the SHO requested for 50000 INR for each altogether 1.5 lacs else he will forced some different charges. I blew up and disclosed to him that I am going to answer to higher specialists however he doesn't care at all.

Toward the end poor familes needed to pay, one of them took credit and two of them sold their effects. I likewise attempted to help as much I can.

Indian police office is loaded with degenerate and yellow men, their framework smells and every one of them are keep of government officials and force men.

John martin

Blogger | Posted 13 May, 2020

We have a police power to furnish residents with a feeling of wellbeing and security. The

police are there to keep up harmony and request in the public arena just as forestall and distinguish A

wrongdoing. They are there as the law masters - to ensure that everybody, including

the police compel itself, keeps the law at each progression

Kandarp Dave

Blogger | Posted 05 Jun, 2019

In such a situation honestly speaking, you don’t have any practical alternative. You need to record the incident if you have a device for it and present in front of the court if there is any suit lodged against you. You can also bring such an incident in front of the superior officers in the police department or can post the same to the social media site which can help you bring this incident in front of the public.

courtesy: DNA India

As per the law, the police officers have no right to thrash you. You can have legal options where you can file a complaint against the concerned police officer, but that will not make a huge difference in practice as the department is same and hence you need to raise the voice to superior authorities including the home minister and court of law. There are many incidents where the police officers misuse their powers offered by the system but to nab them there is no specific mechanism provided by the system, and that is why more of such incidents can be seen on the social media sites these days. If the department wants to take actions against such officers, it can be under the police manual only.