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Bharti Namdev

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Bollywood Fashion For 2019


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Bollywoo is the only source to find Bollywood and Tollywood movies fashion.  Here you can get all new 2019 fashion. Bollywoo cover man and women fashions.


Beautiful top and skirt wore by Deepika Padukone in the cocktail movie. 

New Tshirt collection with superb fabric quality

Gorgeous Top from Half GirlFriend worn by Shraddha Kapoor

Exclusive Top and Skirt from A gentleman movie 

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fashion analyst | Posted on

Bollywood is the most obvious source from where we take ideas and inspiration to style ourselves.

Different designers, actors, and actresses become our role models in terms of fashion and we always have an eye on them for the next party we are going to attend.

And there have already been enough Bollywood parties hosted to predict what all fashion trends are going to reign this year. Here are the best of them:

• Funky Prints

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Indian Express)

The era of prints is back, and people are already rocking it. All you need to do is match a printed piece of cloth or accessory with your basic outfit. The wild and crazy prints give an edge to your appearance and make the heads turn towards you.

• Athleisure

bollywood-fashion-trend-2019-letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

The perfect combo of stylish and comfortable, athleisure are one of the first preferences of those who like to walk in fashion but want to be comfortable as well. For the contemporary women who are multitasking and busy, this can turn out to be their all-in-one outfit.

• Denim

bollywood-fashion-trend-2019-letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

This is one thing which is always in fashion. Can we even think of leaving denim out of our wardrobe options? Simply no! They are always the solutions of our what-should-I-wear problems. You can wear a denim jacket, skirt, shirt, dress, trouser, short..the list is endless.

• Wide-leg trouser

bollywood-fashion-trend-2019-letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

This is being embraced by all B-town ladies these days. The sister outfit, Sharara, is also being preferred for the traditional occasions. Wide-leg trousers are also quite comfortable and help you make your own different style statement.

• Elegance colored in Pastels

bollywood-fashion-trend-2019-letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

Pastel is the new color which not just any girl, but B-town brides are opting for. It, of course, gives them an elegant and sophisticated look which can catch anyone’s eyes.


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