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Brahma Kumaris TV anchor Kanu Priya dies of Covid 19


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Do you all remember ARDHSATYA, a famous web series? It has gained a lot of attention within a short time. Now we are going to talk about the maker of this hit web series i.e, talented KANU PRIYA. Kanu Priya as we all know was a talented actress and a famous media personality. She was the host of, Awakening Of Mind with Brahma Kumaris and Karmabhoomi, She passed away, reportedly due to low oxygen level and fever.Coronavirus did not even spare Kanu Priya. Yes, she is no more with us. The first wave of Covid-19 was not as dangerous as the second wave. She couldn't fight the second wave. The spiritual guru of Brahma Kumaris, Sister BKShivani is heartbroken due to Kanu Priya’s unexpected death. Her fans and colleagues have expressed their condolences to her family.

Kanu Priya had been working in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years. We are talking about the CEO and founder of Gul Guncha Arts, a Noida-based media company. This is not the end. The Acting Unveiled Acting Academy was also running well under the supervision of this multi-talented lady.

It is quite impossible to forget this lady who was a vital part of shows recognized internationally like Mann ki Baat, Subah Savere, Evening live show, Awakening with Brahma Kumari, and many more.

This extremely talented lady had great faith in this media industry. According to her, the mass media was powerful enough to bring the required change in the world.

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Kanu Priya did an analysis about Covid 19:

Many of us think that Covid 19 is a battle over which we can win by fighting together. Right! But this lady had a completely different thought. Yes, she did not consider covid, any enemy of us. And according to her, it was not even possible to fight back Covid if we remain in unity. Certainly not. Truly are we all fighting or standing together against covid? Not at all, we are trying to save ourselves and our family by sitting at home. And this is the only way to overcome covid. How?

In the answer to this question she explained differently:

We all have to admit that neither one of us is without darkness within us. Darkness is nothing but the demon that does not allow us to move in the right direction. Just remember those days when covid was not there and we used to lead a very undisciplined life. We used to pollute the environment with our different activities without thinking of the future. Those were the big mistakes we used to commit.

She was also against calling doctors, Gods. According to Kanu Priya, doctors were always saving patients for decades. What's new! But we call them God when we cannot realize our committed mistakes.

Kanu Priya expressed that doctors will always do their job. We all should accept Covid and try to throw the darkness out of ourselves. How? By following all the rules and regulations like quarantine, wearing masks, social distancing, we can save ourselves.

We all have to move forward and let her soul rest in peace. May God gives strength to her loved ones, colleagues, family to bear this loss.


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