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Vicky Taneja

blogger | Posted 02 Nov, 2018 |

Can an astrologer predict black magic or drishti ?

Kanchan Sharma

Content Writer | Posted 28 Nov, 2018

Most of the people who believe in astrology believe in black magic also. And that’s how it should be because a lot can be figured out about black magic with the help of astrology. Usually, it is said, you are under the effect of black magic if the effect of planetary motion in weak on you.


As astrology tells you about the cause and effect of planetary motion, it can also predict black magic or drishti. So yes, astrology can very well predict and give information about black magic or drishti.

Why do people do black magic?


In the current times, people are more disturbed by others’ happiness and less by their own distress. And most of the people these days, take help of such wrong means like black magic or bad drishti, only to see others in distress. To a great degree, these practices can be called sadistic in their intentions.

Weak effects of planetary motion and zodiac


The places and situations of planets in horoscope keeps changing, and that has a great effect on our lives. And that’s why this temporary and fickle motions of planets are responsible for black magic in our horoscope.

Sometimes a combination of certain planets in our horoscope also has their effect and contribute to black magic.

Black Magic is quickly influenced by people whose Lagna grah and Surya grah (solar planet) are weak.

When Rahu is sitting in an evil place in someone's horoscope, then there is a black magic effect.

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