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bindu thekutte

translator | Posted on | Science-Technology

Can astronauts see Earth from space?


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Yes, astronauts can indeed see Earth from space. When en route aboard spacecraft like the International Space Station( ISS), astronauts have a stirring view of Earth. The unique perspective from space provides a comprehensive outlook of the earth, showcasing its curves, abysses, mainlands, and thin robe of the atmosphere. The experience of seeing Earth from space is frequently described as admiration- inspiring and life-changing.

The miracle known as the" overview effect" occurs when astronauts witness the Earth in its wholeness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life and breeding a profound sense of responsibility for the Earth. This perspective, unattainable from the face, reinforces a collaborative appreciation for the fragility and beauty of Earth.

The windows of the spacecraft come doors to a mesmerizing view that continuously changes as the spacecraft orbits the earth. These moments of Earth observation contribute not only to scientific understanding but also to the emotional and cerebral impact on astronauts, fostering a deep connection with our home earth and a heightened mindfulness of the need for environmental stewardship.


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