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Do you get stressed out at work?


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I prefer to work from home, so I don't get stressed out at all.


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Getting stressed out at work, or due to work is quite common, and according to some, normal. This normalcy, however, just cannot be taken casually.

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Work stress, you have no idea, how much can drain you out. When it reaches its extreme, it’s called “burning out from work stress”, and there could be many reasons for it.

1. It could be your being a “tech prisoner”, which means that the electronic gadgets you own are just not letting you come out of your work, even when you are not present in the office premises. You are always on the beck and call of your manager or boss, and can’t help it either.

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This situation doesn’t give you any time to think beyond your work, you start losing your creativity, and forget what relax and rest is.

2. Work stress can also be the result of your position in your work being the one of a “highly-demanded employee”. In this case, you are always in some colleague’s consultation list, and even when you are not doing your work, you are helping someone else out in their work.

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Over-burden of work doesn’t leave any space for you to think and improve on your own work, for which you are really hired.

3. Your multiple failed attempts at impressing your boss and making efforts towards the welfare of your company can also exhaust you at times. It happens especially when you are not given enough credit for your efforts.

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You start feeling like a loser, so you are not just physically exhausted due to extra work, but also mentally and emotionally unsatisfied and unhappy.

4. Stress and exhaustion can also result if you are very lonely at your workplace, and feel almost like a castaway. Whatever fun you can get amidst the long working hours, you start feeling, is not meant for you.

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It can also happen when you are treated like a doormat. You are required to deal with every type of customer, and that drains out all your energy. Ill-professionalism of your colleagues can add fuel to the fire.

5. If your boss practices favoritism and bias, it can be a major cause of your exhaustion, because no matter what you do, you will never be raised above a certain level.

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Any of the above-mentioned kind of situation can stress you out at your workplace. Your work sometimes becomes the only thing around which your life revolves. You know it is not healthy, but you just can’t help it.

I have seen people losing their creativity, social life, and even health and happiness due to work stress, which even leads to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Medical researches tell that people suffer from problems like “emotional labor”, “chronic fatigue syndrome” in such cases.


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