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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted 23 Mar, 2019 |

Do you think 6-hour playing limit can help with PUBG addiction?

lama bosha

@lama | Posted 24 Mar, 2019

I think even if those addicted ppl decide only to start with 6 hrs limit it will end up playing the whole 24 hrs. with my all respect for all who play that game, but in my opinion that the game it self must make that limit. for example they can set only that 6 hrs to be login to the game then automatically logout after the section is over per day!!

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 24 Mar, 2019

This whole idea doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
The report is unconfirmed till now. However, several media outlets are reporting that PUBG mobile in India can get a six-hour play time restriction to tackle the game addiction.

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How will this even work, I am not sure…

If "addictions" were really this easy, one can easily ***** money off drug addicts and prevent them from purchasing any more drugs. BUT it's not that easy. That person, to feed the obsession, will eventually steal money if she/he can’t afford the drug herself/himself.

Such play time limitation on PUBG India mobile game is ludicrous. It can easily be bypassed using free VPNs. (The country is already and easily bypassing Porn ban!)

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Besides, what’s surprising is the limit is 6 hours per day. SIX HOURS. That's insane. That's too much in itself.

If someone is doing something for six long hours every day, forget PUBG India, it's unhealthy whatever that person is doing.

It also brings to the table another important question: where do these people get so much of time from?

It showcases how teenagers are hooked to the virtual world. While not entirely, the parents must take the onus of that.

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It showcases how the youths of the country, unemployed and uneducated (even those with college degrees), are doomed with no real goals and purpose.

Perhaps PUBG addiction isn't exactly the problem? It might just be an outlet. The real, underlying issue can be something different…

But coming back to your question, NO! No, the 6 hour play time limit on PUBG India mobile will not solve the problem.

And it's equally absurd to demand a ban on the game. That's no solution either.

The real addicts will always find ways to bypass these restrictions.

We need a more fundamental solution. It includes spreading awareness. This is very important. The message of the side-effects of playing the game must reach the players. They must be made aware of this menace. They must be taught about the right playing habits, and what measures they can take if they think they are addicted.

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Also, therapy sessions should be encouraged for all the PUBG India addicts. Professional help from psychotherapists can make a big difference.

Banning or limiting something is never a solution. Not at least the technology. If the country is really serious about this problem, it needs to look into a long-term solution and not take any decision that's done in haste.