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Rishi Roy

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Do you think Priyanka Gandhi-s entry will have an impact on elections?


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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has duly admitted his sister Priyanka Gandhi in his party and has also made her the in charge of Uttar Pradesh elections. Consequently, there is an unsettling wave passing through the national politics right now. Every party is calculating, analyzing, and interpreting this step of Congress in its own way.

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For Congress, it is a celebratory moment as it thinks that Priyanka Gandhi’s entry will strengthen the party and will bring a new wave of energy and enthusiasm in the officials.

As per BJP, Priyanka is the only solution of her brother’s weak leadership. The party has also said that the move confirms Congress as a one-family party.

Among all the questions and wonderments, the biggest one is how much the 47-year-old Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will impact the upcoming elections?

According to the political pundits, it is Congress’s master-stroke and now each and every party is bound to change its strategy for the UP elections.

As for the public, it is seeing the image of Indra Gandhi in Priyanka Gandhi, a strong personality as she is. It’s undeniable that Priyanka has those airs to emerge as an influential politician.

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Although she is soft and reticent, her style of functioning is pretty different. Whenever Priyanka has endorsed for anyone earlier, she has ensured their victory. So it won’t be wrong to predict that she will be successful this time as well.


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