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Does the Mahabharata mention the Manipuris?


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Truly, truth be told, the Mahabharata makes reference to the realm Manipuram (Manipur).

During oust season, he was gotten in Manipur, where he had a child Babruvahana, with the Manipuri princess, Chitrangada, an extraordinary fighter however she is a woman. Yet, before the introduction of his child, Arjun left the Kingdom. Thus, when the sovereign grew up, he didn't know Arjun during experience.

There's an Ashwamedha Yagna from Hastinapura, whose pony was charmed in Manipur, by Babruvahana. Arjun, the guardian of the pony, after significant discussion with Babruvahana, had a savage battle. Arjun was slaughtered in the fight.

Fortunately, Uloopi, the Naga princess, utilizing her snake crystal (Naagmani), restored him to life. Babruvahana excessively admitted for his past wrong deeds, because of nonattendance of information that the individual was as a matter of fact his own dad.

Afterward, joyfully every one of them got back to Hastinapura.



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