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Give some advice to go fashionable in this winter season?


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Depends on where you live.

But I presume you live on the Northern hemisphere and north from Tropic of Cancer. So there are three basic requirements, with the following order:

Not to get cold

Not to get sweatty

Look good

Living in Finland, the temperature regularly drops permanently below zero deg C, and there are some good rules of thumb which to follow:

Protect your neck, crotch and armpits well. Not only having an urinary infection is nasty, but those are the greatest heat sinks on your body. So keep them warm. Note that it is air which insulates and protects your places, not fabric. Wear good underwear and a neckkerchief.

Protect your head. It is also a heat sink, and not protecting your head may subject you to catching cold and getting sick. A hood, bonnet or a fur hat work really well. Wear at least earmuffs!

Block wind. Wind chill will decrease the effective temperature a lot. So it is important your clothing will block the will and prevent heat transfer.

Do layered dressing. Do not attempt to protect yourself from cold with only one layer of clother. Multiple layers of thin clothes keep you warm better than just one layer of clothes.

The fluffier, the better. Fluffiness means air, and air means insulation. This will keep you warm. Remember the fabric should breathe as well, to let your perspiration out.

Wool is your friend. As are other natural fibers. Wool is about as good as it gets, as it is warm in cold, feels cool when it is warm and has a natural fatty contents to resist water. Woollen clothes also are well breathing. Avoid linsey-woolsey (shatnetz) clothes - they can be awfully cold! Artificial fibers do not breathe well - they can be warm, yes, but they are also sweatty!

If you are into sports, consider Thinsulate. I like that stuff, especially for skiing. It blocks the wind and slipstream while on the slope really well.

Use long coats to protect your croth and upper legs. Long coats work better than trousers on protecting your thighs and private parts.

Also read this:- Is it true that IPL has been moved to UAE for this season?

Use leggings instead of stockings or tights if you are a girl. They insulate better than gossamer, and can be fashionable. If you still have to use stockings or tights, wear at least a long skirt or dress!

Use long-trunked boots to protect your feet and legs. The longer, the better.

Protect your extremities (fingers, nose and feet). Use a ***** if needed.

These two Russian ladies will demonstrate that cold weather is not an excuse not to be stylish - even in the winter.


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Let me bust some winter design legends:

1) Myth: If I wear 6 layers, I will be warm

Certainty: The quantity of layers you were doesn't make a difference. What they establish is the thing that has any kind of effect in feeling warm and comfortable or freezing and cold.

2) Myth: I should wear thick layers to feel warm.

Certainty: The thickness of the layers you wear doesn't make a difference. The texture organization has a major effect.

The key to remaining warm in winter is to wear the right layers Thermal Layer. At the point when temperatures plunge underneath 5°C, your base layer or first layer must be Merino fleece. It is skin amicable and temperature managing.

Extras help include a great deal of style and artfulness to your winter look. A French beret top worn with a woolen coat is a great blend. Suppressors and scarves take the warmth up by numerous degrees when styled well. There are different recordings on YouTube giving you in excess of 30 different ways to style your suppressor.

Hand warmers, leg warmers, weaved gloves would all be able to make you look beautiful while keeping you warm.


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Here are certain tipsthat you can try to look your fashionable best this winter season.

Experiment with thick blanket scarfs. That is the easiest most effortless way for looking chic.


Just because its winter doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite skirts and dresses. Pair them with oversized sweaters and tights or knee high boots for the model off duty vibe.

 winter outfitblack dress

Try beanies and hats.

beanies and hats.

Layer, layer, Layer! Not only does it add depth to an outfit, but it also makes you look like you know what you’re doing. And lets be real, who doesn’t want that.

winter dress

Experiment with colors. Too often, winter restricts us to dull and neutral colors. Make an outfit fun with a pop color like red.

Red Outfit

Don’t forget to stay well groomed. There’s nothing less fashionable then a nice outfit paired with greasy hair or chipped nails.


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An unadulterated fleece cover scarf is an outright fundamental for winters. They you sharp and chic, without putting much exertion. Simply put them around your neck and you are prepared to go.

A sweeping scarf runs well with nearly anything. You can wear it with a dress , with denims or legging, they generally look incredible. This makes layering a great deal of fun. Its not by any stretch of the imagination an immovable principle however they do run extremely well with knee high boots. Be that as it may, locate your own style and what you are most OK with. Sprucing up in winters really be a great deal of fun with boots and scarves and charming knee length socks and bright gloves, so appreciate :)