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Satindra Chauhan

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Go Boy font in best handwriting Why?


Want to know the difference between a cursive script and handwriting? Well follow this blog and find out who knows. Heading over to the site, you can get started on learning cursive by first understanding how different scripts are formed. Once you do that, all you need is practice, practice, practice!


In addition to a cursive script being different from cursive writing, it is also different from calligraphy which uses a broad nib pen or brush dipped in ink. That's because broad nibs make thick strokes with less pressure, so they make letters that look more like how someone would write them without trying too hard. Cursive, on the other hand, is all about style and flow. A cursive script is letter by letter, a series of strokes that form an orderly whole. A cursive script looks similar to handwriting in a way that calligraphy can't.

It's just too hard to describe so we highly recommend trying it out yourself, if you want to learn cursive properly before reading this blog post. We'll explain why cursive writing is different from calligraphy in a bit.

We'll start with the basics - what works best for learning this type of handwriting?

The answer is NOT using pen or pencils! They are really bad for practicing your letter formation and will often give you incorrect results.

Ever since the first alphabet, humans have been able to write. The goal of learning to write has not changed much throughout history, with one major exception – a change in how we approach new font style text. People still want to be able to read their own handwriting decades later and be impressed by what they wrote as a child. However, in today's world with the use of electronic devices like computers, mobile phones and tablets, handwritten documents are becoming less necessary. This has prompted designers and developers who sell different types of fonts within their products like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign to create "Handwriting" fonts that mimic the styling of old school cursive scripts such as Go Boy regular font. These fonts can be used to write important documents like love letters, or simply to add a personal touch to important projects.

In the past few years, more and more new fonts have been released in the trending fonts. Some are exceptional and some are very poor.

Handwriting Fonts for Fun and Profit

If you're looking for a font that resembles your own handwriting, then this article isn't for you- go grab yourself a pen and paper and start writing! This guide is aimed at users who want to use a font that looks like an established script style.