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How can I look stylish for work-office?


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Ladies are gaining ground in the work environment, yet choosing what to wear to gatherings, business suppers or just to the workplace stays a test. Originators, design beauticians and different specialists state official ladies commit a variety of errors, from dressing also coolly to not focusing on fit.

Garments brands are as confounded by the present bewildering office clothing regulation as ladies are They're being pulled in various ways, or can't give any convincing vision of how a cutting edge ladies' work closet should look. Indeed, even at casual workplaces.

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Mundane Blacks and boring navies all day everyday- when it comes to interesting formal outfits, we’ve all been slightly lost and bored along the way. Dressing for a professional environment is a tricky thing but by no means extremely difficult. In a work setting, ideally your utmost priority should be to look professional.

This is essential for people to take you and your opinions seriously. This kind of confidence and poise can be very easily portrayed through the way you dress. Here are some of my tips to look stylish for office but still keep the dress code and ethics in mind-

  • Stick to clean and sharp cuts. Wear shirts that are structured with collars and pants that are well tailored. Opt for different waist lines when it comes to trousers. High waist, paper bag, standard, cinched, culottes, wide legged there are countless options to chose from and they also give an interesting look.

  • Avoid wearing chunky jewelry. Opt for dainty necklaces, tiny pearl studs or rings instead.

  • Switch your boring trousers for a pencil skirt or a shirt dress. However keep in mind that the length of the skirt/dress at least hits your knee.

  • Wear clean and well ironed clothes. There’s nothing worse than a good outfit ruined by wrinkles.

  • Opt for pointed shoes or heels. They look more sophisticated.

  • Don’t be afraid of color. Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean you only have to wear dark hues. Try bold colors like red or orange but don’t overdo it. Nobody likes neon in their face from 9 to 5 straight.