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Abdul Malik

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How Cyclone Vayu got its name?


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3 lakh people have been evacuated from 10 districts of Gujarat to prevent the loss of life from Cyclone Vayu. This is the second big cyclone this year in India, following cyclone Fani, which caused an estimated loss of Rs 9,336.26 crore in Odhisa.
Cyclone Vayu got its name much like how any cyclone originating in Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins is named.
Eight member countries of a group called ESCAP got together and submitted eight names each. The countries include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, and Thailand.
Here's a list of cyclone names they submitted:
LetsdiskussCourtesy: Financial Express)
The first name a cyclone got after this chart was prepared was Onil, proposed by Bangladesh. Following, every cyclone got the word which was below the previously named cyclone. Once one column is completed, we move on to the next one.
(Courtesy: CNN)

Till now, the first 7 columns have been used. We saw cyclone Fani a few months back. (Eighth column, first row.) Now, we have Cyclone Vayu, a name proposed by India. It's right below Fani.
Whenever the next cyclone hits. it would be named Cyclone Hikaa.
(Courtesy: Live Hindustan)

Once we reach the last name and that all 64 names have been used, the eight member countries would submit fresh names again.

(Courtesy: Zee News)
Now note, these lists are not rotated every year for cyclones originating from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Also, even in case of lists of storms that are rotated, some names are reserved and retired if they have caused excessive death and destruction; they are replaced by another name.
So, yeah, this is how Cyclone Vayu got its name.