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Satindra Chauhan

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How dangerous is Omicron virus, What are the symptoms ?


The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed its new findings on Sunday, amid mounting alarm around the world, after designating the coronavirus subtype B.1.1.529, dubbed 'Omicron,' as a variety of concerns earlier this week.


Because of its rapid communicable nature, Omicron, a newly discovered strain of coronavirus, has caused concern among governments around the world. The Omicron Covid-19 variant has already been designated as a "variant of concern" by the World Health Organization. The version has raised concerns about the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which has been going on for nearly two years. As just a result, a dozen countries have closed their borders in order to contain the pandemic's next phase.

Scientists in South Africa and globally are undertaking studies are needed to better understand several features of the Omicron variety, as per the World Health Organization. This is what we know right now: Transmissibility.

The severity of the illness

Is Omicron infections more severe than infections caused by other variations, such as Delta? This, too, is a mystery. Study indicates that hospitalisation rates are rising in South Africa, however this could be due to an increase in the general number of persons being infected rather than a specific Omicron illness. There is currently no evidence that the manifestations of Omicron are distinct from those of other variations. All COVID-19 variations can cause major illness or death, especially in the most fragile people, hence preventive is essential.

Actions to stop the spread of the disease have been recommended by the WHO.

Individuals can take the following activities to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

1. Maintain a physical respectable distance one metre between yourself and others.

2. Put on a mask

3. Increase air circulation by opening windows.

4. Avoid congested or unventilated areas.

5. Always wash your hands.

6. Vaccinate yourself

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Student | Posted on

Amid the rising concerns of Covid 19, a new variant named Omicron had caused huge fear among the citizens. It was reportedly first found in South Africa and WHO declared the variant as a “concern variant”. The biggest fear around the variant is the numerous mutations that it can accumulate. It was noted that around 32 mutations can be done by it. Vinod Balasubramaniam, a renowned virologist in Monash University in Malaysia said that the mutation this virus undergoes is in possible regions that they have previously linked and studied which viruses are linked to increased transmissibility and immune escape.


The doctors in local areas where the Omicron variant is emerging so far noted the variant is only causing mild diseases. But it was stated that these initial infections have been detected primarily in younger generations, who generally would only have mild COVID-19, so it has yet to be determined whether Omicron causes more severe disease or not.

According to the reports Omicron had accounted for more than 2300 new daily cases in the parts of Gauteng and South Africa. WHO confirmed that Omicron causes more severe diseases as compared to other variants including the recent Delta variant. Understanding the actual symptoms of this variant may take several days to several weeks and after that, a strong confirmation can be obtained. Initially, it was reported that most high school students or university students, or young people are affected by this new variant. All the variants of Covid 19 across the Globe are capable of causing severe diseases to deaths.