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How Google Remarketing Works ?


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Let me explain with an example:

A potential customer visits your website/app. Browses several products and services offered. Adds a few products in his/her shopping cart or fills an enquiry form for services offered. Then suddenly abandons the cart or does not submit the form due to some reasons. Here you may have lost a potential buyer. Remarketing is a clever way to connect with the same visitor. It allows you to serve targeted ads to that visitor that had previously visited your website/app - as they are browsing elsewhere around the internet, watching YouTube videos or reading news.

Your remarketing ads can be shown with the help of google ad network on lots of sites that use it. You have a high chance of converting such visitors into customers. Google adwords provides such flexibility and can help you target such audiences.
Google remarketing, can dramatically increase your conversion rates and ROI.
In case you already use google adwords, you just need to add a small google remarketing code called pixel or tag to your website. This code can be easily customised per product page also.
Remarketing ads tend to have much higher click-through and conversion rates than normal display ads.



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