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Satindra Chauhan

| Posted on | Health-beauty

How to deal with stress in your life?


As you can see, there are many ways to deal with stress in your life. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed with stress and don’t know how to handle it, this post may be able to help. It’s important that you take time for yourself in order to promote mental health and well-being. The more stressed someone is, the higher their risk of depression or anxiety becomes.


If you are finding yourself feeling this way regularly discuss your concerns with a friend or loved one about how they are coping with their own struggles. You can also look into activities that might be fun for you! Things like music, cooking, hiking etc. Remember to take a short break and enjoy the moment. The most important part is to find what works for you, so you can alleviate stress and focus on the positive things in your life!


1. One of the most efficient strategies to deal with stress is to exercise.

It may sound counterintuitive, but exerting physical tension on your body might help relieve mental stress.


2. A candle should be lit.

Using lavender oil or lighting a scented candle might help you relax and feel less stressed. 

3. Drinking coffee should be reduced.

Caffeine, present in coffee, tea, sugar, and energy bars, is a booster. Stress can be exacerbated by high doses. The caffeine content a human can handle differs from one individual to the next. If you find that caffeine makes you restless or agitated, try reducing your intake.

4. Make a note of it.

One method is to write down what you're anxious about, while another is to write down what you're happy for. By refocusing your attention as to what is good in your life, appreciation can help ease fear and tension.

5. Spending time together as a family.

Friends and relatives can provide social assistance to help you get through difficult times. Being a part of a buddy network provides you a feeling of belonging and soul, both of which would be beneficial during challenging times.


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Journalist ( News Analyst and Web Writer ) | Posted on

Stress is something which is affecting huge volume of people on daily basis. Generally stress is understood  to be related to work but recent studies has shown stress can be caused from any event or distortion happening in our life. It is crucial to understand how one needs to counter stress as a genuine psychological issue.

You can deal with this problem in your own way ,  just  need to understand what is that one thing that helps you de-stress yourself ?

It can be anything varying from meditating for an hour , cooking , working out in a gym ,reading a book or going for a vacation.
For me my passion of photography and bike riding help me to deal with stress and find my mental balance.Taking small breaks from our busy routine is important because we need to relax our mind and body or it can lead to potential health issues. 

You can find multiple articles and videos on this topic , you can also take professional help but at the end it is only you who can easily resolve it , stress is a part of of our daily life, we should accept it  and  deal with it according to our self.


student | Posted on

Dear Friend

First step: Work on your strengths and weaknesses, know them. Knowing your strengths will help you feel better about yourself. Similarly when you know your weakness and try to overcome you will feel much better.

Also, there might be many issues bothering you. Of them, there are things within our reach. Let's work on them in our favour. Things which are beyond our control lets accept them as they are.

If you do these, believe me, your stress level will be under control.


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on


Do you know that stress had been called the silent killer? Stress is something which we all experience in our daily lives, but only a few know how to cope up with it. Managing your stress can have a positive impact on your life and health. Most of our stress comes from the way we react to any issue. If you have an ability to adjust your attitude, all your stress will vanish.

The good news here is that; you can manage your stress by following these simple tips.

·    Meditation and deep breathing -  Take a break from your day to day activities and meditate for at least 30 minutes a day. After every 2-3 hours of work, relax yourself and take deep breathing. It will ease yourself and make you calm and composed.


·   Listen to music – Play your favorite kind of music, it will soothe you. Music is perfect to cure stress, make your mind free, and make you relax mentally.


·   Workout – Do you have a habit of workout? If not, then indulge in workouts, exercises, and yoga. Studied have proved that daily 30 minutes of exercise can reduce your stress and help you to stay fit and healthy.


·   Stay positive - There are times when we find ourselves managing the stress caused by relationships, failures, careers, and even family. Things do happen, and we do not have control over them. So, try not to stress yourself because of the reasons you cannot change at all. You can always have a control on yourself; think twice before reacting to anything. 


CEO & Founder... | Posted on

@Nikita keeping busy is also a good option. 


writer in new York today | Posted on

Follow our 5 simple tips to help manage and reduce your stress levels.

1 )Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine. ...
2) Indulge in Physical Activity. ...
3) Get More Sleep. ...
4) Try Relaxation Techniques. ...
5) Talk to Someone. .


| Posted on

Dealing with stress requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses various aspects of your life. Here's how to effectively manage stress:

  • Identify Stressors: Recognize the sources of your stress. Awareness helps you address and tackle them more effectively.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Give precedence to consistent physical activity, a well-rounded diet, and ample sleep. These factors significantly impact your stress levels.
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation: Practice mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, or progressive muscle relaxation to stay present and reduce stress.
  • Time Management: Organize tasks, set priorities, and avoid overcommitting. Effective time management reduces overwhelm.
  • Communication: Express your feelings to friends, family, or a therapist. Open communication can provide emotional relief.
  • Positive Mindset: Challenge negative thoughts and cultivate a positive outlook. Direct your attention towards solutions instead of getting caught up in problems.
  • Hobbies and Relaxation: Engage in activities you enjoy, like reading, painting, or gardening. These pursuits provide an outlet for stress.



blogger | Posted on

Studies show that pleasurable experiences reduce the stress response in the brain – likewise, those who have s_ex regularly are at lower can also use an Adult Toy to do this job


Blogger | Posted on

Manage Your Time is the best way to deal with stress in your life