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How to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day


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Being single on Valentine's Day is the best thing you can gift to yourself.

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In fact, being single is the best thing you can do in your whole life.

Sure, if you've never been in a relationship ever, this is something you wouldn't understand. But, at large, the heartbreaks, aches, complications, dramas, frustrations, hopelessness, and helplessness -- these aren't worth your time and energy. But ironically, they are all an impending part of being in a relationship. Unless you get lucky to find your "the one" right in the first attempt (this is next to impossible), you will feel all these feels. And you might wonder, even with all the responsibilities, if it's worth living.

It sucks. And no amount of love and good-feels are worth this bad feeling. They are incomparable.

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So, if you're single on this Valentine's Day, rejoice. Feel psyched about this fact. Of course, don't be ignorant and stereotype those who are in relationships. (People learn from their own personal experiences after all!) Focus on yourself. Feel happy.

Here are a few ways to love yourself this Valentine's Day and make 14th February happening:

(I) Realize the fact that you don't need "the one" in your life 

Don't just think about it. Realize it. Realize that you don't need the special one in your life as all those stories and movies tell you.

You're alone and you're self-sufficient. Do you want to "feel" love? Find that feeling in your own self. Find that feeling in nature. When you love a being, you handover the loose-end of your happiness to them. And that's a recipe for imperative pain.

So, on Valentine's Day, apprehend that you don't need anyone in your life. You're self-sufficient to make yourself happy.

(II) Treat yourself with a good movie

If Rom-Com is a genre you can't have enough of, watch your favorite movie. The Notebook, 50 First Dates, The Choice, Before We Go.

However, if possible, pick some other genre. Watch documentaries and biopic. Watch something that's more connected to the ground realities. It will help you understand just how big life is and that the universe doesn't revolve around you. You will understand that life is much more than just about love.

(Recommendation: Watch 'Under the Wire', a documentary based on journalist Marie Colvin who died in Syria. Or, of course, 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' is our go-to for every mood!)

(III) Sit down and define the goals in your life

No better time to sit down and outline all the things you want to achieve in life and all the goals you want to reach. Unless, of course, "I want to fall in love" is your biggest ambition, in which case Valentine's Day is not a good time for this.

What do you want to become? Where you do you want to see your life in the next 10-20 years? What are the things that you want to achieve? What are the things you want to do that you think will make you happier?

Write down all these things on a piece of paper. Create a plan for the next year and decade. You will automatically find that your life has no room for love.

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(IV) Join a gym or fitness club

You know you've failed to keep your New Year's resolution alive. The time now to refresh that resolution with much conviction and affirmation.

Join a gym or fitness club. Join swimming, MMA, basketball, soccer, athletics, boxing or any other physically demanding activity.

People in your life will come and go. The fundamental reality is that you have to live the rest of your life with your own self. (One reason I am so passionate about personal values.) So, it's essential that you invest in your health extensively. This will not only help you with your physical health but also boost your psychological prowess. And this, although highly underrated, will be a game-changer for you in the long run.

(V) Dance to your favorite music

No one's around. So, shoot that secret Bhojpuri playlist you have and go crazy. Dance. Dance till you're really tired and can't continue. Hype your single status. Shout and yell (inaudibly).

Seriously, do this. You will immediately see all your negative emotions just fade away and get replaced with energy and enthusiasm. And that's the perfect way to spend your Valentine's day. In fact, that's the perfect way to live your whole life. That's how you should love yourself for as long as you live.

These are five ways how you can love yourself on Valentine's Day. it's applicable for all singles - whether you've never been in a relationship before or you just had a breakup.

As for all those couples, well, have fun on that expensive date ;)


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