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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | Entertainment

What problems do the people going for love marriage face in India?


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Are you in love? Wow, you are going to marry soon! It means you both have overcome your challenges that most people face while they go for love marriage. Congrats! Yes, friends, the problems that a love marriage couple often face before marriage have been discussed below:

1.In India, almost every parent desires to choose a suitable partner for their children. So they prefer arranged marriage most of the time. Children find it hard to convince parents for their love marriage. They often get angry or sometimes threaten to leave their children for taking decisions against them. Sentimental issues are a big problem over here.
2.Both the partners are ready for the love marriage. They don't have any problem regarding their financial status. But parents do have. So if your partner is of not equal financial or high financial status, it often creates pre-love marriage problems.
3.Marriage is not possible because of differences in caste and religion. This is what children often hear from their parents when they approach them for permission to love marriage.
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4.Parents often refuse a child's love marriage due to the fear of society. In this independent India, people still think that the choice of life partners on their own is a sin. And both of them should be guilty of that.
5.If the chosen partner is not perfect according to the parent's desires, children face refusal of their love marriage.
6. Sometimes your relatives can not digest the decision of your love marriage easily. They make several taunts, facial expressions that are sad and surprising.
Other than these, if you have failed to choose the right partner, he/she may even betray you right when you want to marry. Very unfortunate! But it often happens. But yes, exceptions to all these points are always there.
Although, it can be concluded that there is a strong interconnection between marriage, love, and caste in India. But don’t worry love marriage problem solution in India is also available.


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Love marriage is never easily accepted by the society nor parents in India. Here religion ,caste and horoscope play a major role in the arranged marriage. But when two individuals go ahead for a love marriage they may not have all these conditions fulfilled because in love marriage it is a matter of hearts. Sometimes girl and boy may belong to different religion, caste or financial backgrounds which would not be acceptable to either of the families. There have been many cases of abductions, violence and killings in the Indian villages because of their children’s love affairs.



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Love marriage, let’s face it, is still an indigestible concept in Indian societies. Indian parents still like to hold the authority of choosing our life partners for us, and in some cases, even our preference and choices are not considered.

But as the times are changing and the wave of feminism is sweeping the age-old taboos at least from the minds of the younger generation, love marriages take place more often, either with or without the consent of the parents. Once this radical step is taken, there come new hurdles in the journey of the former lovers and new husbands and wives.

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So difficulties in love marriage are as common as anything in India. Some of these difficulties and marriage problems are so hard to conquer that the couple starts wondering if their parents were not right after all… And this creates a doubt on their own relationship, and on the very concept of love marriage.

The things get from bad to worse when the marriages are inter-caste or inter-religious.

The first problem that couples face is that of abandonment and detachment, because more than often, the parents of both husband and wife are reluctant to accept the marriage. This leaves them on their own for the whole family planning. This means they lack emotional and financial support.

Second love marriage problem is parents using “we told you” card literally whenever they want to. Even the most basic problems that come in almost every Indian marriage becomes non-sharable and this leads to frustration and hopelessness.

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One problem is that even when parents accept the couple, they may not be accepted by other relatives and society. Often such couples are not preferred to be introduced to neighborhoods and distant relatives due to the fear of rumors and ill-talks. This attitude has made love marriages a taboo in Indian society.

Another love marriage problem involves the difficulties of married life and responsibilities that come with that. After couples get married, they realize that their love is not a fairy tale story and some responsibilities need to be taken to stabilize a domestic household. This may involve certain sacrifices, compromises, and giveaways for which the couple might not be ready. Things get ugly in love marriage at this stage because out of love, both the persons have higher expectations from each other.


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Parents always feel it’s their duty and responsibility to marry off their children. Their wishes are to be obeyed in Indian culture as there is lot of expectations from children in all aspects of life.. Here marriage depends on both the families involved, their similarity in family background and social status. Love may not adhere to these vital needs of the traditional marriages leading to friction between the families and opposition to the couples intending to marry.



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In India, love marriages are still not widely accepted by traditional families and societies, which can lead to several challenges and problems faced by couples who choose this path. Here are some common problems faced by people going for love marriage in India:

  1. Family opposition: Family opposition is one of the most significant challenges faced by couples who opt for love marriage. Traditional families in India may not approve of inter-caste, inter-religion or inter-community marriages, leading to strong opposition and pressure on the couple.

  2. Social stigma: Love marriages are still stigmatized in Indian society, particularly in rural areas. Couples who choose love marriage may face judgment and discrimination from society, making it challenging for them to lead a normal life.

  3. Financial difficulties: Couples who opt for love marriage may face financial difficulties due to lack of support from their families. They may have to rely on themselves for financial support, which can be challenging, especially if they are starting out in their careers.

  4. Legal hurdles: Couples who opt for love marriage may face legal hurdles if their families do not approve. They may have to go through a lengthy and complicated legal process to register their marriage and get it recognized by society and their families.

  5. Cultural differences: In some cases, couples may come from different cultural backgrounds, leading to differences in language, food habits, and customs. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, making it challenging for the couple to build a strong relationship.

Overall, couples who opt for love marriage in India face several challenges due to societal, cultural, and financial factors. However, with patience, mutual understanding, and support from each other, these challenges can be overcome, and the couple can build a happy life together.


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Love relationships in India face a range of snags, from cultural tension and family resistance to monetary and legitimate difficulties. Love is a wonderful feeling that knows no limits, including religion, rank, or class. In India, the idea of affectionate marriage is as yet thought to be questionable and frequently faces resistance from society and families. Love marriage alludes to an association where two people choose to get married because of their common love and similarity, without the contribution of their families. Although it is a typical practice in many regions of the planet, it is met with many moves in India because of social and social standards.

One of the serious issues that individuals going for a love marriage face is resistance from their families. In India, relationships are a connection between two people as well as a joining between two families. Subsequently, families play a critical role in the dynamic course of marriage. As a rule, when two people having a place with various religions or standings choose to wed, their families frequently object to the relationship. This prompts familial strain, personal disturbance, and even disownment in outrageous cases.

One more typical issue looked at by individuals picking love marriage is the social disgrace connected to it in many parts of the country. Society's extremism and inflexible convictions make it hard for couples to recognize their relationship freely. In addition, they are frequently exposed to analysis, scorn, and judgment by their more distant family, neighbors, and even outsiders. This can prompt a feeling of disconnection and separation, making it difficult for the couple to acquire acknowledgment.

One of the significant purposes behind the resistance to love marriage in India is the idea of 'arranged marriage' profoundly imbued in our way of life. In arranging relationships, families play a huge part in picking a reasonable accomplice for their child. It is accepted that arranged relationships have a higher achievement rate as the families think about variables, for example, position, religion, and economic well-being, before concluding the match. Be that as it may, this conviction frequently prompts tension in the couple to adjust to cultural standards and get hitched conventionally, regardless of whether they are not in adoration with the picked accomplice.

Moreover, many couples additionally face monetary difficulties while going into a love marriage. In India, relationships are often lavish and costly issues, with the weight of wedding costs falling on the lady of the hour's loved ones. In instances of affectionate relationships where families are not strong, two or three need to bear the monetary weight themselves. This can be overpowering for youthful couples who are simply beginning their vocations and may prompt monetary strain and pressure inside the relationship.

Likewise, interfaith relationships, for example, relationships between individuals of various religions, frequently face legitimate obstacles in India. The Extraordinary Marriage Act, of 1954, permits individuals from various religions to get married without switching over completely to their accomplice's religion. Notwithstanding, this cycle includes a great deal of desk work and the trust that protests will be raised by any party. This can be a dreary and tedious cycle, adding to the pressure and difficulties faced by the couple.

Nonetheless, with evolving times, more people are defending their entitlement to pick their soul mate and seek affectionate relationships. Society must advance and acknowledge the real factors of adoration and marriage in this day and age, where youngsters are breaking free from age-old practices and customs. Love knows no limits, and it is the ideal opportunity for our general public to embrace it with great affection.



nehagoyal022@gmail.com | Posted on

There are so many difficulties arises in love marriage:

  • If couple are intercast,then both couple parents doen't allow them to marry.
  • If status of one of them is high.
  • If there is cultural differences between them.
  • Sometimes due to fear of relatives parents doesn't allow them to marry.
  • If someone chooses wrong partner then family doesn' allo wthem to marry.

But now a days,boys and girls are independent to take their decisions. Family doesn't may interupt if boy or girl choose right partner.