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Sruthi Somanchi

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how to make carrot halwa?


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Carrot halwa is one such halwa that everyone likes to eat because it is very tasty and it is also very easy to make, so today we will tell you the easy method of making carrot halwa.

necessary ingredients:-

two cups peeled grated carrots

a cup of milk

a bowl of sugar

two spoons ghee

10 cashew nuts cut into pieces

10 almonds cut into pieces

8 kismis

one teaspoon cardamom powder

Recipe to make Gajar Ka Halwa:-

To make carrot pudding, take a pan, add two spoons of ghee, after the ghee is heated, add grated carrot and fry it for 5 minutes. If you go, slow down the gas today and keep stirring the carrot with a spoon so that the carrot does not burn from below, let it cook for 15 to 20 minutes, now add sugar, cashew, almond and raisins to it and mix it well. Cook for a minute so that the sugar melts, then add cardamom powder and mix it well and turn off the gas, in this way your carrot pudding is ready in an easy way.


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