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Amayra Badoni

Student (Delhi University) | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to make Kaajal (Kohl) at home?


Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on

Kaajal can beautify not only a woman’s eyes but her whole appearance. It is not like any other makeup stuff, but essential for most of the women. It is said that Kaajal can do what even the ounces of makeup can’t do.

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And apart from its beautifying abilities, Kaajal is often healthier for eyes. You must have seen mothers always keeping their newborn babies’ eyes kohl-rimmed. It prevents our eyes from itching and watering.

Kaajal’s effect is even better when it does not contain any artificial cosmetic ingredient. So, the natural home-made Kaajal is always better than the cosmetic Kaajal we buy from the market.
To make Kaajal at home, you can use any of the two ways:

• Take a lighted earthen lamp and keep it on the ground. There should be enough mustard oil in the lamp to keep it lightened. Cover the lamp with a plate (make sure the lamp does not go off). Now keep some almonds on the plate and let them burn. 3-4 minutes after the almonds have burnt, remove them. Repeat the same trick several times with the almonds you have. Now separate the blackened part of the almonds and collect in a container. That would make your home-made Kaajal.

• Fill an earthen lamp with the castor oil. Light the lamp with the help of cotton wick. Cover it with a steel plate, and keep two steel container at both the sides of the lamp. Let all the utensils burn and get blackened. This process takes time and hence it should be done at night. In the morning, collect all the soot and mix almond oil in it. Let it dry naturally in the sunlight then. After this, it will be ready to use.