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how to open a disc lock without a key?


Student | Posted

What is a disc lock?
It's a form of portable security device which is used in motorcycles and scooters. The purpose of disc lock is to stop the movement of the vehicle in any direction. 
How to open a disc lock without a key ? 
Disc lock can be a real hassle to open, especially if you have already lost the key to it. You may be wondering how to open your disc lock without a key? It's relatively easy but nothing is certain. There are some pointers that you can use, and with enough persistence and patience, you will eventually get the job done. All it takes is determination!
To open a ***** lock without a key, following are the ways: 
  • Open the lock and copy it, make a new key for the disc lock. 
  • Using a drill machine to make a whole and then the disc is removed. 
  • As many discs are installed in the motorcycle, the higher security. And opening any disc lock is not easy for a random person, expertise is required. 
  • Recovery key is usually provided to the owner of the vehicle for such situations. 
How to remove a disc lock? 
There is actually an easy solution that will help you get the disc lock off and make sure it never happens again.
With the help of bolt cutters, a disc lock can be removed. One the other hand, to remove any disc lock from any 2 wheels vehicle, angle grinder is also used. It is seen that, angle grinder can smoothly remove them.

How to drill out a disc lock ?
There is actually an easy solution that will help you get the disc lock off and make sure it never happens again.
For instance, using an electric drill with a diamond-bladed but that will remove metal quickly and very effectively. Also there are some other ways to drill out the disc with a drill. The way to drill out the disc lock is as follows:
  • First, you'll need to locate it in your bike or vehicle. Open up your bike locks and look for a circular hole with an item inside it. 
  • Drill down from the top of the object into this hole until you've reached its centre. Normally, you might need to drill through the metal and the soft metal plate around it. 
  • Once you've reached the centre, you can now pull out the lock. You may need to use some wire or something tough as it's a bit hard to break out if you don't have a drill. 


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