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Posted 16 Jul, 2020 |

What are some must-know cybersecurity tips?

Severine Johnson

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 11 Aug, 2020

Some must-know cybersecurity tips are as follows:

Always encrypt your data while transmitting data over the network, avoid clicking on unknown emails and links, always use a unique and strong password for authentication, never connect to public Wi-Fi, always enable firewall protection while at work or at home, always install security software and keep it up to date, and also regularly back up your files.

sadiq rehan

student | Posted 31 Jul, 2020

The Internet has become a importnant part of our Life and every people use internet to do daily tasks but the problem is that the Internet has become Unsecure by HACKERS.

So I will tell you some useful Cyber Security tips why tips  which will help you to protect from HACKERS.

  1. Do not try to open any Website or which does not have HTTPS tag , so be sure to Inspect Links before clicking them.
  2. Try not to open your Accounts on a different devices and never give your Account details to others.
  3. Be aware of phishing pages.
  4. Always keep your Softwares up to date.
  5. Backup your Important data in Clouds
  6. While doing Internet Banking dont show your CVV number to others.

Jashanpreet Kaur

SEO | Posted 29 Jul, 2020

Here are some CyberSecurity tips 

-Protect your data
-Beware of Phishing
-Use of Strong Passwords
-Enable Firewall Protection
-Install Security updates and backup your data
-Use your mobile devices securely

saurabh jha

Digital marketing traniee | |Updated 23 Jul, 2020


Here I am with some important cybersecurity tips:

  1. updating your software when there is a new update available.
  2. Put a backup of your important data regularly.
  3. Make sure that your system is Antivirus protected
  4. Don't save your password in system 

singha kash

Blogger | Posted 21 Jul, 2020

10 cybersecurity best practices

Protect your data. ...

Avoid pop-ups, unknown emails, and links. ...

Use strong password protection and authentication. ...

Connect to secure Wi-Fi. ...

Naheed Mir

Owner & CEO | Posted 19 Jul, 2020

The first step is to create a stronger password. Some of the people are still using weak passwords like abcde123 or 12345. A strong password is necessary because 80% of data breaches are due to weak and reused passwords.

Another cybersecurity strategy that I would recommend is using cloud security. Even though the cloud is risky, you can less likely lose critical data by storing data to the cloud. Utilizing the cloud for storing data is an economical choice for small to average-sized organizations.